New Halloween recalibration? What?

New Halloween film…

Marcus Duncan and Patrick Melton the writers behind the Feast trilogy The Collector, The Collection and a bunch of the Saw sequels have been tasked with writing the new Halloween film. The film has been called a ‘recalibration’ – so what does that mean exactly? Well no one knows. Without a director attached, you can be sure it’s not going to be Rob Zombie (not that there was a chance of that happening anyway). It will be interesting to see how these handle a recalibration of the most recent Halloween series or if the recalibrate it to point somewhere entirely different. The one thing this proves is that you can’t kill off a franchise.
For those keeping score at home thats 1 new Texas Chainsaw film, 1 new Friday the 13th and now another Halloween all coming soon…keep that originality coming studios…maybe there will be more of this –


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