Harley Quinn inspired short film – Sweet Madness gets cast

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Dream Seekers Productions new short film Sweet Madness has its leads…

Peter Dukes dropped us a line to let us know about Sweet Madness. We interviewed Peter a while back (here). This what he had to say about his new film – ‘This is a short fan based, quirky, dark, humorous film about the madwoman Harley Quinn’s descent (or ascent, if you ask her) into pure madness’. Two lead actors are Madeleine Wade and Micah Fitzgerald (both pictured below)

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‘I’m making this film for fun and out of love for a fabulous character who’s yet to see the light of day in the live action Batman canon. I’m also doing it to (always) stay sharp for some bigger features I have coming up.’
‘This will be the 16th film I’ve written, directed and produced for my company, Dream Seekers Productions. I’m known mainly for horror and fantasy, but I always like to stay diversified in the work I do, hence this film’
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You can follow Peter Dukes and Dream Seeker Productions at any of the following –

Peter Dukes
Dream Seekers Productions
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IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1088478/
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