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Bad Acid needs you…

Sometimes something grabs you about a project. This was the case for @lcfremont who alerted us to this wicked little short film crowd funder – Bad Acid. loves indie projects but rather than explaining what’s happening, I’ll let the press release tell you…check it out!
From the Press Release
bad Acid imageA spooky tale from award winning: The Walking Dead Promo Maker.

From a 1970’s British Horror film lover comes a British made short film worthy of Amicus, Tyburn or Hammer. The story of a once famous TV hypnotist whose career is plumbing new depths on the pub and club circuit, Bad Acid follows a man with nothing to lose who seeks release with a trip on LSD. The dark visions he encounters become stronger until they become real. Or do they? Murder or madness, hypnotic suggestion or demonic apparition … Fancy a trip?

David Chaudoir has directed music videos for Athlete, Ladytron, Starsailor and Graham Coxon, as well as award winning promos for The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and The Wire. Developing a deep love of British horror films in the 1970s especially the anthologies he has written a short film devoid of the usual tropes. Bad Acid has no zombies, vamps, ghosts or possessions – something dark and wondrous instead.

These are the final days of his crowdfunding campaign – please help an original horror from a real fan get to the silver screen and share in some cool perks.

Images courtesy of David Chaudoir

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