Michael Myers returns in Halloween Returns

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The recalibration gets the green light…

Well now, Dimenson Films and Trancas International Films have officially confirmed that a new Halloween film will start production in July. Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton have written the script and whilst Dunstan will direct there is no other news on actors, synopsis or anything else like that.

If you’ve been following, this has been a very stop start affair. Halloween Returns is an awful title that makes little sense. Would a new Leatherface film be called The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Returns? Friday the 13th Returns? Whichever way you slice it, it’s not a good title. However, naff titles aside this will be the eleventh time Myers will go around, going on track records Halloween is a franchise littered with poor sequels (except for the surprisingly good Halloween 4), so forgive me if I look at this with a rather large amount of trepidation and indeed have shelved any hopes that this will be good, not due to any of the talent involved but just due to history telling me that 99 percent of the time iconic franchise reboots/re-do or even a recalibrations do not end well.

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