Wolfcop 2 needs you to breed the wolfpack!

wolfcop image

Wolfcop 2 ready to go into production…

After the success of Wolfcop, (our review) Wolfcop 2 was always going to happen and it begins soon.

However, check out the Wolfcop 2 indiegogo page because they want you to choose the hero. This is the direct word from the indiegogo page –

‘We want YOU to tell us! Who is your HERO? Who do you want to see tearing across the big screen with WolfCop? It could be an actor, musician, athlete, a celebrity personality, anyone! The sky’s the limit, so let your imaginations run wild. Depending on the feedback we get from fans, there could be more than one!’

So there you have it – if your interested you know where to go to find out more.

Image: indiegogo.com

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