In Memory of Patrick Macnee

David Martin shares his personal feelings on the passing of another film legend, Patrick Macnee…

The news today that veteran British actor , Patrick Macnee has died is sad news for all of those that loved truly outstanding acting. As I am writing this for Haddonfield I won’t be talking about Patrick’s portrayal of Stead in the legendary tv series The Avengers. Nor will I enthuse about his masterly performance as the undercover manservant , Sir Godfrey Tibbett, in the Bond film A View To A Kill. It was Macnee’s performance as possibly hairy Dr George Waggner in the cult eighties horror film The Howling that leaps to mind. Waggner was conniving and unrelenting in his search for a safe werewolf colony for his followers and Macnee provided a typically sublime performance.

Macnee owns every scene he appears in and is a huge reason why The Howling is considered the horror masterpiece it undoubtedly is. The loss of Macnee will be felt throughout the film industry around the globe. Many will say that at 93 Macnee “had a good innings” and other such well meaning but glib statements. None of these will comfort his family and they certainly do not pay tribute to the fantastic actor that he was. Sadly , we are now moving into a time when actors who have shaped the film industry and have contributed much to our own personal memories are going to pass away. With every passing the world of cinema seems that much more dimmer and so much less exhilarating.

Patrick Macnee 6 February 1922 – 25 June 2015

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