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Directors: Mauirzio Del Piccolo & Roberto Del Piccolo
Cast: Peter Cosgrove, Julian Boote, Lisa Holsappel-Marrs, Paola Masciadri, Holli Dillon,


Evil Souls seems to go out of its way to not give the audience the easy, laid out answers which is refreshing to see in this day and age.

The film revolves around a prophecy, satanism, a priest and three strands of different character stories that are all interconnected and eventually come together. I won’t go into much detail on what else happens as the story travels in different ways than expected.

The acting by all the main players is good, with such intense scenes they almost hold their nerve bar a few small moments. Special mention goes to Lisa Holsappel-Mars and Peter Cosgrove who have to balance on the edge of nuttiness without tipping over into cartoonish bad guy territory and they both do it well, only with a few moments of overacting. 

Mauirzio Del Piccolo & Roberto Del Piccolo direct the film with some style, having to be inventive due to (I assume) budget restraints, especially in the gore scenes, which are well done except for one area that shows the aftermath of an injury – it is not done very well at all. The film does have a few Arthouse leanings which is not a bad thing and allows the film some space to get some very striking images. The music adds to the atmosphere of the film, especially right at the start of the film, it sets the tone and never lets it go.

With plenty of weirdness on display, generally from Peter Cosgrove’s Valentine, it sets the film on a tilt so you never are really sure about what comes next. Films like Evil Souls certainly aren’t that common and treat the audience like they have a brain and lets be honest here – when is the last time that happened? With an intense and oppressive atmosphere that doesn’t lift for the entire film Evil Souls is worth seeking out.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith

Twitter: @TigersMS78



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