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Check out the press release below and then go check out Awful Pretty’s indiegogo page and check out the details of this indie short film by Alexandra Williams.
You can find out more at Awful Pretty’s facebook page
From the Press Release:

Awful Pretty is a short film about a young runaway who is drawn into the life of a
married couple battling with bouts of grief and insanity over the loss of their not so dead
child. Yes, it’s a ghost story.

We begin with a mother, Betsy Wilson, who is struggling with bipolar disorder,
abandoned by her husband, and left to care for herself and her ten year old daughter, Tara.

The idea of unconditional love between mother and child is tested when Betsy fails to
control her episodes, and Tara takes it upon herself to find a mother who is emotionally

The daughter, Tara Wilson, and runaway of the film, allows us to explore the adage
that the grass is not always greener on the other side. At ten years old, Tara is guided
through this life lesson by someone whom she can trust, a peer.

Cue the ghost! Morgan Yates, our ghost, and well kept secret of “parents” Jackson
and Piper Yates, comes back from the dead. She has a message to relay and can’t do it
alone. Morgan’s manipulation of Tara moves our story forward and creates the conflict that
deems Awful Pretty, well… a horror film.

Lastly, Jackson and Piper are a couple whose marriage is on thin ice after a series of
miscarriages. Unable to have a child, a child comes to them, the seemingly perfect and
pretty girl, Tara. They take her in, curious to reveal why this young girl can see the haunting
figure that has been keeping them from resolving the past.


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