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You know what? I have never been a huge comic book reader. I like them but I never really had a huge urge to continually buy new comics each week, that is until I found some reprinted EC Comic Tales From The Crypt & The Haunt of Fear books. I absolutely devoured them and loved the short bites of horror goodness, so imagine my joy when I came across issue one of The Gates of Misery, a modern take on the anthology horror comics. I love anthologies and I seriously love this book.

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Springing to life after a kickstarter campaign, creator and illustrator Matthew Therrien has teamed up with writers Brandon Cronenberg, Jon Knautz, Steven Kostanski and Dave Alexander for the first issue. The format is simple, the Gates of Mount Misery cemetery tells the stories of some of the inhabitants that have been laid to rest within its fences, with each story having a quick introduction. I won’t go through all the stories – each of are great – but my favourite stories were Death In Li Tolqa and Darrel and Lenny, the differences in tone between each story is great and the mix of stories is spot on.

The artwork from Andrew Barr, Shira Haberman and Matthew Therrien is all great, varying in styles that perfect suit the tone of the story. Some great ideas and some great drawing The Gates of Misery will certainly not disappoint, whether you are a horror fan, a comic book fan or both. It’s such a fun, enjoyable read that it has me hooked and I’m already looking forward to the the second issue.

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