Blackglovekiller to film at end of 2015


Iconic Rock Legend PETER MURPHY (bauhaus) to star in and co-produce BLACKGLOVEKILLER, a new feature from Canadian indie filmmaker and magazine editor Chris Alexander.

From the Press Release

From Canadian-based expressionist filmmaker Chris Alexander (BLOOD FOR IRINA, QUEEN OF 
BLOOD, upcoming FEMALE WEREWOLF) and magazine editor (FANGORIA, GOREZONE, DELIRIUM) comes BLACKGLOVEKILLER; a new psychological horror film that will both co-star and be co-produced by legendary British rock legend PETER MURPHY (Bauhaus, THE HUNGER).
“I’m honored to have been given the tools to bring BLACKGLOVEKILLER to life,” says Alexander. “It really aims to be a horror film like no other horror film, one that nods to its influence but is still distinctly the product of my own imagination. And to have Peter, one of my favorite performers of all time on board is a gift.”

An erotic, violent fever dream driven by mood, music and atmosphere, BLACKGLOVEKILLER follows the bloody trail of Miranda, a beautiful predator who stalks the city streets at night looking for prey and sits in her gilded cage by day, waiting for the sun to set. As her wave of death escalates, fantasy and reality begin to blur, pushing Miranda closer to the ultimate revelation about who – and what – she is. And what she must become…

“Narratively It’s an extension of my other films, stories of women pushed into extreme situations, living on the fringes, told in a dream like manner,” says Alexander. “Aesthetically inspired by European filmmakers like Jess Franco, Jean Rollin and modern masters like Nicolas Winding Refn and Lars Von Trier.

BLACKGLOVEKILLER is “a slow drive into an ultra-stylized heart without hope” and also stars another legend of dark rock and roll performance art, Nivek Ogre (front man of the band SKINNY PUPPY, star of Alexander’s QUEEN OF BLOOD).

BLACKGLOVEKILLER will be shot by visionary Canadian filmmaker Gabriel Carrer whose stylish new feature THE DEMOLISHER has been garnering rave reviews on the festival circuit after its award-winning FANTASIA premiere in August. Carrer will be working with fellow team members John Ainslie, Christian Burgess, Andrew Bussey, and Duane Frey, all from Latefoxat Pictures Inc. Also attached is Toronto’s Scott McIntyre from SMAK Studio.

Music will be composed by Alexander.

The film is currently in pre-production and will be filmed primarily in Toronto, Canada at the end of 2015.

Images courtesy of GAT

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