Paranormal Activity: The Tiger Mom Dimension

paranormal activity: the tiger dimension

Paranormal Activity…

With the days counting day to the release of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, you can check out this parody video, produced by the folks at F-Comedy. You can see the video below the press release.

From the Press Release

Are you ready for the most chilling chapter of the Paranormal Activity franchise?

Definitely don’t turn off your lights, or get a B- on your school report, because it’s “Paranormal Activity: The Tiger Mom Dimension.” See what happens when an Asian family finds a mysterious camcorder while unpacking boxes at their new home. What they see through its lens will leave them beyond terrified.

The latest parody video from F-Comedy, a digital extension of the Fusion cable network, Paranormal Activity: The Tiger Mom Dimension” is part of F-Comedy’s series “Shaded,” helmed by Groundlings vet Jordan Black through F-Comedy’s partnership with Wit.TV.

Image: F-Comedy & MPRM Communications

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