Recap/Review: Ash Vs Evil Dead S1 E01

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Finally Ash Vs Evil Dead is upon us and to put it mildly – it’s glorious. With many thinking that any Bruce Campbell headed Evil Dead sequel was long dead, along comes this series which is probably the better option for those Evil Dead fans out there – especially with another season already approved!

With episodes only being around thirty minutes long, a lot of the fat has been trimmed so its lean and mean. It may become an issue later on in the series but it works here as Ash is an already established character. We are introduced to Ash (Bruce Campbell) and it seems he hasn’t really moved on in the past thirty years, like – at all. After a very funny intro, we find out two things – Ash is not a great human (no real shocks there) and dead are coming for him.

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As per the Evil Dead film series, the evil comes from one place – The Book of the Dead – which Ash has in his possession. In a kind of call back reference to Ash not reciting the words correctly in Army of Darkness, we find out just how and why the evil has come back. Enter officer Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones) we see her and her unfortunate partner come across a deadite and the results are deadly and gory and perhaps give a clue to who Amanda Fisher is as the deadites claim to know who she is… obviously she has a date with Ash and his crew in later episodes. Speaking of his crew…

Ash high tails it to the Value Stop where he works, to get his pay cheque and leave town. We meet his one man fan club Pablo (Ray Santiago) and a new employee Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) – who of course Ash tries the charm on with – and gets shot down mercilessly. After a hilarious doll attack, which features a lot of the physical ‘3 stooges-esque’ comedy, that the latter films are known for, Pablo labels Ash as the ‘El Jefe’, the leader against the evil. Ash is having no of it though and takes off. With shit going south in a hurry at Kelly’s house, Pablo takes Kelly to the one place he knows he can find someone to help them – Ash’s trailer home. In one of the great sequences in the show, there is a battle inside the trailer home and it is EVERYTHING you’d want it to be, an awesome lead in, gory, funny and some a few great one liners.

If the show continues in this manner there will be a lot of happy campers out there. Everything felt familiar yet fresh, they incorporated The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 lore into the show as well. This show was made for fans of The Evil Dead, unapologetic too and its all the better for it. Rejoice fans – Evil Dead is back.

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