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With the deadites well and truly out of the closet, we are now seeing just how many players are involved in the whole thing. We see a car hurtling along the road and it stops at Kelly’s house. Ash, Pablo and Kelly are long gone but the mystery woman gets out and start to take a look around (I see you Lucy Lawless), finding a deadite, in a riff on Carrie’s final scene except she is not fucking about with this deadite and demands answers about the Necronomicon and after torturing something that is already dead, she announces she can make things more painful and does so by using a knife…that is possibly and probably a Kandarian knife.

Our gang of 3, eventually arrive at Books From Beyond, Pablo suggests talking to his uncle who is a Brujas (we also get another country the Pablo mentions he is from) and he doesn’t get along with him. Ash being Ash decides the best course of action is to take the book into the store where his ‘odd duck’ contact Lionel Hawkins and they try to find a way to undo the evil, but who else is there? That’s right Amanda. After coming face to face and instantly being hit on by Ash, Amanda recognises that Ash is the man she needs to speak to and starts the conversation by pulling a gun on him. Pablo knocks her out despite not knowing she was a cop and it’s decided that to Kelly will watch the chained up Amanda.We get some good conversation from Kelly and Amanda, Amanda questioning what Kelly knows about Ash and Kelly defending Ash. It’s a small moment that further solidifies the gang and it comes off the back of Ash’s exchange in the car with Pablo and Kelly about being an ‘alone’ wolf and that his pack saved his life and that they should run together, both moments work on binding the group together more tightly.


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However back to the book and Lionel, Ash and Pablo discuss the best way to go about things, they decide against the wishes of the smartest guy in the room – Pablo that summoning a demon – You know a low grade demon – and asking it how to stop the evil. Of course, it’s a bad idea and as Amanda convinces Kelly they are on the same side, Kelly lets Amanda and Amanda promptly interrupts the summoning and the demon runs free. After the perfunctory fight, in which Lionel gets shards of glass to the face and includes some weird x-ray Fight Club moments, the demon is put back in the book and the gang leaves, Ash leaving Amanda handcuffed again but with Lionel coming back to life as deadite…and Lucy Lawless’ mysterious character Ruby speeding down the road.

This episode wasn’t as epic as the first two episodes and was a major slow down, however I think that it was probably needed given the episodes are only about thirty minutes long and they had to introduce two characters. The meeting between Ash and Amanda didn’t really change much in the terms of dynamics of the show and with the cliffhanging ending, you would think that Ruby and Amanda will meet soon and that Ash will meet them both at the same time. The gang is coming together and with Pablo being put in the friend zone by Kelly and Ash admitting that he wants to stay together as a group, this sets up some interesting dynamics for future episodes. My only hope is that after this episode which kinda felt like a Buffy spinoff that Ash Vs Evil Dead finds it kinetic energy again.

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