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Ok folks, episode four is upon us and things are really starting to take shape and we get a HUGE dose of Evil Dead 2 recall.

We left off last episode with Jill in some dire trouble chained up with a rampant deadite but as we thought Lucy Lawless (whose name we finally find out – it’s Ruby Knowby – but more on that later) turns up and being a total badass, she does what she has done with a lot of previous deadites and spectacularly pins him to the wall. Ruby explains to Jill that they want the same guy and that Ash killed her whole family in a cabin at the woods…her father, her mother and her sister…Annie (sounding familiar?). Just as things get interesting between the two, the deadite then starts sprouting the usual lines, saying to Ruby that we know who you are, Ruby promptly decapitates him – this leads me to believe that Ruby isn’t necessarily who she says she is….oh yeah Ruby also has something of Ash’s…his real hand.

We catch up with our trio and for the first time (possibly ever) get a look at the evil when it is in chase mode – it looks like a scary green, brown cloud – as Ash, Pablo and an unwell Kelly hurtle toward Pablo’s Brujo uncle, courtesy of some nitrous installed in the Delta. Our trio just makes it to the Brujo’s farm, (which could be considered Texas Chain Saw Massacre chic in its adornments) and the evil is stopped by a wall and Pablo explains the farm has plenty of things to ward off evil and it certainly looks like it works. Pablo introduces the gang to the Brujo and with some Ash quips aside, the Brujo takes Ash into expand his mind, so he can ‘find the undo button’ inside him. Meanwhile Kelly is not in a good way and she is starting to hear some voices around the farm…

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The Brujo makes up an ayahuasca drink for Ash and we are treated to the inner workings as Ash’s mind. It’s a wonderful mish-mash of girls, cars and a hell of a lot of Evil Dead 2 call backs. It also holds some very cool images, like Ash’s eyes sewn shut and being surrounded by extras who look like a cleaner version of sack head Jason Voorhees or the killers from The Strangers. We end up at Ash’s happy place though, Jacksonville, Florida. He has never been there but it’s where he was going to go before he took his girlfriend up to the cabin…it’s a kinda sad moment but also just one realisation the Ash has to make if he wants the answer to stop the evil. Outside of the dream scape Pablo is going to make Ash an Inspector Gadget style had with a screwdriver and such, meanwhile the cause of Kelly’s illness comes to the fore – remember last week’s demon Eligos? Well he never really left and took up residence in Kelly’s head, so after setting up poor Pablo with an electrical jolt, she gets the Brujo to help Pablo, leaving the tripping balls Ash very much prone to attack. Eligos enters Ash’s vision/dream and with the help of his lizard Ash has another realisation…he has the power, he just must use it. Eligos is no match for Ash playing in his own head and this means trouble in the real world for Kelly, as Ash chokes her almost to death before Pablo intervenes and knocks Ash out – Kelly’s eyes glaze over black as the episode ends…

So we learnt who Ruby is – maybe, Ash learnt who he was underneath it all – maybe, Pablo might just be a mechanical genius – maybe and Kelly is in some real trouble – definitely. Of the realisations that Ash had, well he is certainly being expanded on as a character, it will be interesting to see where it goes. One place that everyone is definitely going is the cabin where the Necronomicon was found, as Ash has to bury the book deep in the earth – I am sure this will be harder than it sounds. With Jill and Ruby on their trail, our wolf pack certainly needs to get their shit together. A marked improvement on last episode, in almost all departments, I still think the show would have worked better as a 50-60 min episode run time but it’s a minor quibble with a TV show that currently ranks as one of the most entertaining in quite sometime.

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