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It’s always great when a TV show can still surprise and the opening of episode 6 of Ash Vs Evil Dead certainly did that. The Ruby/Amanda team rock up to the Brujo’s farm just after aour wolfpack leave, the evil is still about though an rather crispy Brujo comes back as a charcoaled deadite, of course Ruby takes care of business…except the deadite spills some more info about our friend Ruby, something about double crossing and its very clear the deadites don’t want Ruby to have the book, then the deadite drags Ruby into the fire and she is gone. Just like that. It was very abrupt and a little bit shocking but I have a feeling she will be back but in what form? Amanda sees this, quickly accepting what happened and jumps in the car to track down Ash.

The gang is enjoying a meal at a diner, with Ash enjoying his new hand and wolfing down the meal. He tells Pablo and Kelly that he knows what to do with the book and it involves going back to the cabin where it all began, in another moment that shows Ash’s growth – he says that the other two cannot come along as he has already put them both in too much danger. Of course the other two protest, Pablo because he knew what he was getting into (well he didn’t but he does now) and Kelly because she wants some good old fashioned revenge on some deadites. After some great back and forth between the trio, Ash is stuck with the bill and the other two go and wait in the trailer. Ash tries the old charm on the waitress in a bid to pay the bill of 22 bucks… ‘What I can give you is worth – double that’… after some very funny one liners Ash waits in the bathroom, whilst outside Amanda has tracked them down and is ready to make an arrest with help of her police friends. Back in the trailer Pablo and Kelly are discussing once again how Pablo feels about her and once he is brutally ‘friend zoned’ on top of that they are also dealing with a very unhappy Necronomicon, unwisely letting it out of the box, it turns out that whatever is on the medallion that the Brujo gave Pablo, it has an effect on the book, so much so that the book tries to eat the medallion. Pablo and Kelly discuss destroying the book. Pablo is all for it but Kelly is lukewarm on the idea and Pablo knows it is for revenge purposes.

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Back in the diner with Ash awaiting in the bathroom, he gets his visit…in the form of Amanda looking to finally bring him in. After a short fight in the bathroom and with some extra help from Lt Boyle, Amanda has her man. Ash is of course already infatuated with Amanda (which is totally understandable). After a short chat, the evil hits the diner killing a few and turning them quick smart into deadites. Shock number two for the episode came along in the form of a killing, a small boy runs from the bathroom, only to hurled into a fan by a newly created deadite, was quite random moment but certainly one that surprised and now the show has a licence to ‘go there’ and anywhere else after that! Ash and Amanda show their wares and Pablo and Kelly show up with Ash’s tools and its game over for a few of the deadites. Kelly gets some therapeutic revenge, in the goriest way possible. When the dust settles Amanda joins our gang to go and fight the evil once and for all.

For an episode that had some shocks both in character arc and deaths, it got stagnant at the diner until the deadites showed up. Having said that the comedy was back in spades, with Ash in good form, gently reminding us that yep he is still a dick but at least now he is a caring dick. The gore quotient was turned up to 11 and they really went for it and it was immensely enjoyable, Kelly slamming a deadite head first into a manual meat slicer and using a meat mallet is one of my favourite moments in the show to date.

Will we see more of Ruby? Who knows I would certainly think that she’ll be back as something hideous and probably even more dangerous.

Will Amanda effect the groups chemistry? And what does the future hold for our gang? – We’re going to get to the cabin but it going be a very bumpy ride getting there. 

Can’t wait for next week.

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