Godforsaken Trailer

godforsaken poster


Check out the trailer for Godforsaken. The film was made in 2010 and is only now making its way to the UK on the 11th April and Australia on the 20th of April on VOD/DVD.

The film stars  Annabel Wright, Trevor White, Nick Ashdon.  Jamil Dehlavi directs.

Lucile makes her confession to the priest. It is the story of a mother driven mad by the loss of her child. And of an encounter with a man who claimed to be an angel seeking redemption for the death of a child under his protection. He had no name. The night he first appeared, sixteen years ago, the child was killed. Now he carries wounds on his back that resemble the stumps of severed wings. And he has a mission.
Was he real? Or the product of her tortured mind.
Was he Godsent? Or was he Godforsaken?

Image courtesy of Bounty Films.

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