Sickhouse full trailer

sickhouse poster


In the social media obsessed world, it comes as no surprise that it is being used as a way of telling a horror story and Sickhouse slides right into this area. Read on for the details and the full trailer.

From the Press Release

Sickhouse, the first ever scripted film, shot in real time on Snapchat and designed for mobile viewing, will be available on Vimeo as a full-length feature film. The trailer for Sickhouse, starring digital superstar Andrea Russet (2.5M subs, 183M views on YouTube) and actor Sean O’Donnell (1M Instagram Followers), is available now to share with your readers.  Jon Avnet (Black Swan, Justified, Fried Green Tomatoes, Risky Business) and Rodrigo Garcia (Albert Nobbs, In Treatment, Big Love, Last Days in the Desert) are the brains behind the project, along with Hannah Macpherson (T@gged), who wrote and directed the film.

Sickhouse follows a group of friends obsessed with social media that go on an excursion into the woods to explore the lore of Sickhouse. Sickhouse leads viewers on a (deadly!) journey that has unsuspected consequences for all concerned, including the audience.

Conceived and produced by next gen studio Indigenous Media, Sickhouse was produced in real-time over five days via hundreds of live, 10-sec Snaps sent out via Andrea’s Snapchat (@andwizzle). Millions discovered and experienced Sickhouse as it happened, and while the Snaps are no longer viewable, on June 1st fans can enjoy the full-length version on Vimeo. The full-length version features an alternate ending that will have viewers left sitting on the edge of their seat!

Image courtesy of MPRM Communications

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