Get Dark, Deadly & Dreadful

Dark, Deadly & Dreadful…

Check out this latest new series from Find the details below.

From the Press Release

Fun Size Horror is excited to announce their new series DARK, DEADLY & DREADFUL. The first three episodes premier on October 26th, 27th, and 28th.

Each episode explores either a Dark, Deadly, or Dreadful theme, and features two or more short films produced by Fun Size Horror’s Community of fans and users. Films selected include top submissions to, world premiers, and festival winners.

For fans and filmmakers alike, Fun Size Horror is a production and distribution company that hosts Original and user submitted films on its platform for free. Dedicated to supporting filmmakers, Fun Size Horror focuses on helping users grow their audience and network, and Dark, Deadly & Dreadful allows the company to offer their distribution channels to selected users.

In 2014 Fun Size Horror offered viewers the chance to trick-or-treat across popular online platforms to find 31 original short films, during Halloween, before distributing their work as the feature film anthology Fun Size Horror: Volume One. In 2015 after creating, the company released a sequel, Fun Size Horror: Volume Two. A similar distribution strategy is being explored for Dark, Deadly and Dreadful after its online premier.

The First Episode with two dark films by Joe Russo and Jessee Foudray can be seen here:–dreadful-episode-1

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