Marcia do Vales set to star in supernatural horror Quail Hollow

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Quail Hollow…

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From the Press Release

Having kick-assed her way through Brit zomcom Ibiza Undead, Brazilian-born actress Marcia do Vales is set to star in Quail Hollow (working title), in which she plays identical twins with some pretty scary powers.

Directed by Spaniard Javier De Prado, and produced by UK’s Templeheart Films, the supernatural horror begins shooting in locations around New Orleans in early 2017.

Storyline: Identical twin sisters Sunny and Mila (played by Marcia Do Vales) are born with paranormal powers. Separated at a young age, Sunny ends up institutionalised, while Mila tries to lead a normal life. Ten years on, Mila goes to Quail Hollow to investigate the strange circumstances of her sister’s death and uncovers a shocking truth about their powers.

Marcia, one of the UK’s brightest horror genre imports, commented: “I’m really looking forward to taking on what will be my biggest acting challenge yet. My father was a twin, but unfortunately his brother died very young. So, I‘ve always had a very strong curiosity in identical twins and their unusual relationship”.

Marcia is not only carving a name for herself as a film actress, but gaining a reputation as a gifted producer, with Paul Hyett’s supernatural thriller Heretiks her latest credit. Before Marcia begins shooting Quail Hollow, she will feature in Dan Brownlie’s London-based horror thriller The Tombs. She is also currently producing The Foreseen, a supernatural chiller to be directed by Anthony Melton and Ben Franklin.

Image courtesy of Cloutcom

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