Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead – Home Again – S2, E9

ash vs Evil Dead season 2 poster

Ash Vs Evil Dead…

Wow. Ash Vs Evil Dead just set its high watermark for season 2 and possibly for the series overall. Home Again was a wet dream for fans of the Evil Dead, as not only do we get a reason for different timelines but we get confirmation that Army of Darkness is lore.

We start the episode with Ash working through his grief issues by doing doughnuts with a taped together (but not in the right way) Pablo in the passenger seat. As Ash drinks and then smokes some drugs, Pablo suggests that he can go back in time and fix everything. Ash says yeah I’ve go back to medieval times before so I can do this. Ruby and Kelly jump in the car and Ash tells Ruby to read an inscription on Pablo’s body…one that will send them back to the 80s.

The plan is to bring Pablo back to life by going back to the cabin and making sure that young Ash never, ever reads from the Necronomicon. On paper this is a good plan…but this is Ash Vs Evil Dead.
The crew gets separated travelling to the cabin (circa Evil Dead 2 cabin) Ash ends up at the cabin, whilst Ruby and Kelly end up fending for themselves in the forest…and we all know what those trees want. Ruby and Kelly battle a hungry tree and eventually over come it, as Ash searches around the cabin – noting the cellar is the last place he is going to look for the book. Nostalgia is a bitch as a rusty nail provides the evil a chance to infect Ash’s leg and for brief minute it looked he would end up as a double self administered amputee. Then in a call back to Army of Darkness uses so boiling water to clean out a rather foul mouthed embryonic demon. As fate would have it Ash ends up searching through the cellar.

image from Ash vs Evil Dead

Being that this is the cabin from Evil Dead 2, we all knew who would be in the cellar – Henrietta. This Henrietta is prior to becoming a deadite, being killed and being buried in the cellar, well we all know that deadite’s are liars, so Ash promptly smacks three shades out of Henrietta before realising that she isn’t going to turn and finding out that Professor Knowby is really a monster, not a deadite but an actual human one.

Ash frees Henrietta only to almost instantly regret it as Professor Knowby brings one of his female students to the cabin to try and shift the demon that possessed his wife. One bear trapped student later, Ash and Henrietta are locked in the cellar by the Professor who takes the book with him. With Henrietta threatening that she is going to hurt them ‘real, real bad’.

Without a doubt the best episode of the season setting up a cracking a finale that will no doubt lead to a kickoff point for Season 3. Ruby and Kelly are still there, the professor is on the loose and the book is still out there. How will this end? Who knows but I am almost wetting myself in excitement.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
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