Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead – Second Coming – S2, E10

ash vs evil dead poster season 2

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After last episode set up a huge finale, did the finale live up to the hype? Well, sadly no and for the second season running the finale episode was a bit of a letdown.

Continuing on straight from last episode, Ash is in the cellar and Henrietta is looking to eat these ‘dirty birds’. Tanya gets quickly dispatched in a huge blood spray, whilst Professor Knowby gets what he sorely deserved as he tries to escape with book. Meanwhile back in the cellar Henrietta goes full Evil Dead II, as she transforms into the creature we all know. On a sidenote – Can we talk about the breastfeeding of Ash? Gag worthy.

We see 80s Ruby grab the book and come into the cabin but there is a twist – she meets present day Ruby as her and Kelly bust into the cabin. So Ruby, Kelly and a grue covered Ash try to convince 80s Ruby that she can have a different life, a different path. Unfortunately 80s Ruby isn’t having any of this and stabs present day Ruby. Ash and dying Ruby have a moment. After that brief sad demise, the plan has worked and Pablo is alive and in one whole piece! Of course, there is a fly in the ointment and the fly is Baal – he is back and he reveals himself by peeling away his Pablo outer shell.

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Back inside the cabin we see Baal as he puts it – course correcting. Ash challenges Baal to a fist fight. No demonic powers allowed. The winner takes Earth, the loser goes back to hell. Baal agrees and Ash and him go at it. Meanwhile 80s Ruby is not happy that Baal would risk something like that on a dumb fight so she sets about protecting herself. Ash has a moment with his dead Dad – after Baal goes back on his word – and we have ourselves a chainsaw fight. Eventually Ash uses Baal’s own claw on himself and we find out that this was the moment that Ruby betrayed Baal, so Ruby was always going to do that – course correction or not.

As the cabin burnt down, our original crew of three watch it burn. Thus ending the nightmare – however this is Ash vs Evil Dead and nothing stays the way it is for long. With Ash receiving a parade back in the present day, we find out that 80s Ruby has come back too.

In some ways its a great kick off point for season 3, with the cabin gone but in terms of a great finale episode it wasn’t so much. They could have gone in various ways and this seemed to be the least interesting. Nevertheless, a fantastic season 2 and I honestly hope this show has a few more seasons in it yet!

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
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