Get My Gun gives us some amazing VHS box art

Get My Gun poster

Get My Gun…

Check out the awesome VHS box art for Get My Gun.
You can watch the teaser below

From the Press Release

The producers of GET MY GUN bring us back to the glory days of dusty video store shelves and surly, yet informative clerks with this VHS box art put together by the film’s director, Brian Darwas.

“Wasn’t that the dream of every horror fan my age, to make a movie and have it on the shelf in a video store. Since the odds of that happening these days are pretty slim, the least I could do is make one for myself. . . although, this one came out of the .99 cent bargain bin (laughs).”

GET MY GUN will make the festival rounds in the latter half of 2017, before it’s theatrical and home video release.

Images courtesy of Tragic Bus

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