The Drifter set to Shock Audiences Worldwide on June 6th

The Drifter…

Check out two new clips from The Drifter plus some info about the film below.

From the Press Release

Terror Films is set to release the indie thriller THE DRIFTER, across multiple digital platforms on Tuesday, June 6. THE DRIFTER tells the story of a uniquely troubled man. He finds himself on a downward spiral, induced by painful memories of his dark and distant past. Taking refuge from his long days and nights of driving aimlessly on the open highway, the drifter stops off in a small town. Here, he happens to cross paths with an old acquaintance. That acquaintance becomes dangerously intrigued and determined to discover the skeletons hiding in the drifter’s past. The film premiered at the 2015 Queens World Film Festival. At the festival, it won the Audience Award and was nominated for Jury Awards in both the Best Narrative Feature and Best Director categories. Atlanta Horror Film Festival named it: “one of the Top Independent Horror Films of 2015.” It was also nominated for Best Special Effects at the 2014 Scare-A-Con Festival. The film marks the feature film debut of director Craig Calamis. As part of their new World Wide digital release model, Terror Films will release the film across multiple digital platforms. Territories to host the film’s launch include: the U.S., Canada, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Ireland, the U.K. and Pan-Russia. Hosting platforms will include: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play/You Tube, Sony PSN, X-Box, Vudu, Steam, Vimeo On Demand, Roku (Free Flix Tonight, 24 Hour Movie Channel, Free Grindhouse Flix Tonight), I Bleed Indie and Tubi TV. The film’s official poster and trailer will debut soon. However, several stills and two exclusive clips are available now, titled: “Taking Care of Something” and “You’re in my Favorite Seat”.

Image: Terror Films

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