Irrational Fear Trailer

Irrational fear poster

Irrational Fear…

Check out the trailer and details for Irrational Fear. You can also help them out – Slasher Studios & are currently raising funds to assist in post production and a festival run. You can preorder and support the film here:

From the Press Release

Slasher Studios and have partnered up for a new psychological slasher film, Irrational Fear, and have just dropped the first official teaser trailer! Watch it here:

LOGLINE: Six therapy patients that are brought together at a secluded cabin to confront their strangest fears. But these fears won’t just hurt them…they will kill them!

Irrational Fear is a horror film that will make you face your biggest fears, no matter how bizarre they may be. While each character faces their own unique fears, not everyone is strong enough to survive them. Fears featured in the film include ghosts, drowning, choking, germs and more, making for a great mix of intense brutality!

Irrational Fear is the third feature length horror film release from Kevin Sommerfield’s Slasher Studios (Dismembering Christmas, Don’t Go To The Reunion) & the second feature length release from and director Hunter Johnson (2 JENNIFER). The film was written by Sommerfield & Johnson.

This film features an ensemble cast including Charles Chudabala (Anomaly, 2 JENNIFER)

Irrational fear cast picture

Baker Chase Powell (Dismembering Christmas, Little Dead Rotting Hood)

Irrational fear cast picture

Leah Wiseman (Dismembering Christmas, Family Possessions)

Irrational fear cast picture

Kaleb Shorey (Don’t Go To The Reunion)

Irrational fear cast picture

Jennifer Nangle (Malvolia: The Queen of Screams)

Irrational fear cast picture

Tom McCarthy

Irrational fear cast picture

Mathias Blake

Irrational fear cast picture

Cati Glidewell in her first feature film role

Irrational fear cast picture


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