Movie Review: Tragedy Girls

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@TigersMS78 reviews…

Director: Tyler MacIntyre
Writer: Chris Lee Hill & Tyler MacIntyre
Stars: Brianna Hildebrand, Alexandra Shipp, Kevin Durand, Josh Hutcherson


Tragedy Girls takes dead aim at the millennial social media culture and nails it right between the eyes. Oh yeah it is also funny, well written, directed and acted, so you know, it’s really fucking good.

Two teenage best friends, Sadie (Hildebrand) and McKayla (Shipp) run the ‘Tragedy Girls’  online presence. Its quickly established through a hilarious opening that these girls aren’t only obsessed with real life death but that they want to create their own story and no one is safe.

Tragedy Girls Image

Tyler MacIntyre deftly guides us through the film, placing a few horror film homages, tributes or just plain name drops throughout (Carrie, Martyrs, Argento et al). He keeps the film fresh with a heap of vibrant colour and is certainly not afraid to get gruesome or brutal when required.

This film however belongs to the two leads Hildebrand and Shipp. Sadie and McKayla are the most lovely, charismatic and murderous pair of teenagers you ever hope not to run afoul of. The quick fire delivery of each line, the very natural back and forth between these ladies is fantastic. The film hinges on these two and soars because of them. The rest of the cast is en pointe and there isn’t a bad performance.

Tragedy Girls Image

As mentioned previously the writing by Chris Lee Hill and Tyler MacIntyre is excellent, the dialog especially. The only issue I had was that in the 3rd act everything was a bit too neatly wrapped up, admittedly it did flow along with the story so it wasn’t a major issue, just everything that went before it was so bloody good and last act didn’t have the same impetus. 

Tragedy Girls is possibly the best teen horror film for this generation of teenagers. It is funny, smart and bloody. This film and you should definitely be BFF’s.

The film was viewed as part of the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
Images: IMDb

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