Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival – Review: Red Spring

red spring poster

@TigersMS78 reviews…

Director: Jeff Sinasac
Writer: Jeff Sinasac
Stars: Jeff Sinasac, Elysia White, Adam Cronheim


Red Spring is a low budget but very earnest film. Everyone is committed to making it the best it can be and it shows that care was taken with every aspect of this film.

It’s the end of the world as we know it and this time it isn’t a zombie apocalypse, however it is Vampires. We follow a group of survivors, that are constantly hunted by the various groups of roaming vampires, of course the survivors are safe during the daylight but when night falls, they should be inside or on the move as humans leave a scent behind that can be tracked. Our group of survivors end up bunkered down in a safe room although with only one way in and one way out – how safe is it?

red spring image

Jeff Sinasac creates a good dynamic between the group. A few of the characters are tropes or their actions veer that way but that can be forgiven. He manages to bring a fair deal of tension to proceedings, interestingly enough it is the tension between the survivors and not just the tension between the hunters and their prey that is the most engaging. The acting from the ensemble cast is all good.

There will be comparisons to The Walking Dead of course, but this isn’t the same at all. To me it has more of a Day of the Dead (85) type feel to it. Sinasac has created a cool little film, a microcosm of a survivor story inside of a world that has gone to hell. Despite budgetary limitations Red Spring is worth watching.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
Image: Blood In The Snow Film Festival

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