Haddonfield Horror’s Best of 2017

Best of 2017…

So as another year crashes down around us, we stand amidst the rubble of 2017 and look back on what we thought was the best in horror in 2017. Not an easy task considering that horror ‘made a comeback’ – (It didn’t, it was always making great films and good returns) it was just that the general audience woke up to what a great genre horror is. Below you’ll find our favourites of 2017 in no particular order.

Get Out

We all loved this film, a lot. With good cause too as Get Out was smart, clever, funny and above all scary. The best horror plays on our fears and cuts close to the bone. Get Out does both these things al the while being thoroughly engaging and entertaining.  Read @imyourarsonist‘s review here and @dinsmorality‘s opinion piece here.


@imyourarsonist reviewed this for us (read it here) and said that it had ‘themes of female sexuality, bullying, eating disorders, and societal, as well as familial, pressures facing young women’ – a lot to chew on, really – pardon the pun – but none the less this was an example of 2017’s horror film attitude. Julia Ducournau was not afraid to wrap up all of these issues and combine it in one of the more thoughtful flesh eating films, that’s not to say we didn’t all dry heave a couple of times while watching this.

Kidnap Capital

@dinsmorality took a look at this exploitative film which dealt with ransom kidnappings. Calling it – ‘brutal, and it portrays despicable acts that serve as a commentary for larger failures that continue to plague American values and politics’  – Kidnap Capital uses its exploitative nature to point out that these problems exist on both sides. Read the review here

Hounds Of Love

@lcfremont thought that the Hounds of Love was the most wonderfully beautiful and horrifying film she had seen in quite some and @imyourarsonist called it stellar. Its hard to disagree. A film that should have been talked about more.

The Devil’s Candy

@imyourarsonist checked out The Devil’s Candy – A serial killer film with a supernatural subplot, it was engaging and on occasion made us cringe. You can check out her review here

Death Rituals

The first book to make it into our end of year best of and it earns it. @dinsmorality loved this book by Josh Hancock, as it explores the lengths people will go to get a good scare, the nature of violence and when has it been pushed too far? Check out the review here

The Transfiguration

A vampire film that goes deep on societal issues and a powerful and heartbreaking look at violence, alienation and the need to be loved and accepted. This film hit @lcfremont hard and its just one of the reason why it made it onto this list. Have a read of the review here

Tragedy Girls

@TigersMS78 got to check out Tragedy Girls and it was his standout of the year. Smart, funny, has great performances and is not afraid to get bloody. Check out the review here


The biggest horror film of the year was of course going to make an appearance on this list. Balancing scares with emotion, everyone fell in love with the losers club and Pennywise was reborn and once again became a genuine horror icon. Check out our review here.

Honourable Mentions: Mayhem, Killing Ground, A Cure For Wellness, Personal Shopper, Assholes

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