Chucky’s Back With New Fright-Rags Apparel

Fright rags image


2018 marks Fright-Rags’ 15th anniversary, and the company is celebrating the only way it knows how: by releasing even more unique horror apparel!

Sorry Jack, Chucky’s back! Fright-Rags’ new Chucky collection includes four T-shirts, five enamel pins, and two pairs of socks. Various incarnations of the killer doll from throughout the Child’s Play franchise are represented by artists Eddie Holly, Nathan Milliner, Jason Edmiston, Matthew Skiff, Matt Ryan Tobin, and Sara Deck.

fright rags image

Fright-Rags also has a special treat for “cockadoodie” Stephen King fans. As with the recent IT release, they’ve teamed original artist Robert Giusti to bring the Misery dust jacket art to T-shirts and hoodies.

The Chucky and Misery collections are on sale now at

Fright-Rags’ 15th year is poised to be a landmark one. The Silence of the Lambs, Ash vs Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, Die Hard, and The Cabin in the Woods are just a few of the licenses with which they’ll be working in 2018. As if that weren’t enough, 15 “classick” out-of-print designs will receive limited edition re-prints throughout the year, beginning on January 20!

Images: Simply Legendary Publicity

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