Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead – Family, S3 – Ep01

Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 poster

Ash Vs Evil Dead…


Ash is back, baby! Season 3 starts with an advertisement that sees Ash opening Ashy Slashy a hardware store / sex toy emporium. Ash being well…Ash is taking his new found fame instead of infamy at Elk Grove and parlaying it into a money making scheme because…well once again he is Ash. Pablo has his own food van and Kelly is off laying down the rules in a bar. Of course it takes no time at all for the Necronomicon to reappear and the evil returns, oh yeah and so does a now blonde Ruby.

Ash vs evil dead season 3 image

Ruby takes the book and conducts another blood ritual (she has surely learnt by now that these things do not end well for anyone) but it is the pages of the book that she bloodies that take most interest, it is the page that we have seen before in Evil Dead 2, before he ends up in battling in the Army of Darkness. As a result of the ritual Ruby has a very quickly developed a very active bun in the oven – what will it be? My guess – well my hope against hope – is it will be Bad Ash, whatever it ends up being, it no doubt spells bad news for the good guys. If it does end up being Bad Ash that would be great, I loved the call backs in Season 2 and this would be a great way of including Army of Darkness without really including it.

Ash vs evil dead season 3 image

Back to our heroes and whilst Ash is celebrating the opening of his store (what hardware / sex toy emporium celebrates its grand opening with cocktails? Because I would definitely like to shop there) when he meets an old flame, not that he remembers her but he probably should – it is Ash’s estranged wife Candy. A quick trip down memory lane and Ash is hit with the big double whammy

1. He has a – daughter
2. That his daughter is in danger.

Ash vs evil dead season 3 image

So Candy, Ash and Pablo go to the high school where Brandy and her friend Rachel made the call for help and check it out. They find Brandy and Rachel but unfortunately Rachel is a deadite now. After a very entertaining battle in the music room, Ash ends up ‘harping’ Rachel – if you can imagine a multiple string wire cheese cutter, you are getting close. Unfortunately Candy doesn’t last long, decapitated by a flying cymbal as a horrified Brandy watches on. A deadite infected mascot then attacks Ash only for the day to be saved by Kelly. A fantastic entrance sees Kelly quite proficient with her weapons now and duly dispatches the deadite ‘Cougie’. Not only has she brought a badass attitude but she also brought someone into the ‘ghostbeaters’. Meet Dalton, who just happens to be part of the Knights of Sumeria. The episode ends with some really dark humour even for this show but it is laugh out loud funny.

Season 3 starts in top gear and in top form. Quips, blood & demons with plenty of scope to really go anywhere it wants to. It’s great to have it back and with a flawless first episode I am excited for the rest of the season.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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