Recap: Ash vs Evil Dead – Unfinished Business, Season 3 – Ep 4

Ash vs evil dead poster season 3

Ash Vs Evil Dead…

We join this weeks episode with Ash dealing with the pieces of his dead but not dead Dad. Thankfully Brock’s ghost turns up and by this stage of Ash’s life he brushes it off like its nothing. Ghost Dad explains that on the night he was run down by the possessed Delta (How could Ash forget? He had to pay 300 bucks to get the dent in the fender hammered out) that he had something to tell him that could alter his life. As Ash and Ghost Dad drive off to their location, Kelly rocks up to Ash’s house and upon finding the house empty, she naturally thinks bad things has happened – which to be fair is the default setting. Brandy turns up and Kelly needs he to stay close until they sort out just what is going on. It is at this point that do find out just what has happened to Pablo…yep he is a deadite. After biting Kelly’s leg, Brandy and Kelly make a break for Ash’s caravan to regroup and figure out just how to neutralise the deadite Pablo – without killing him.

Ash vs evil dead image

Ghost Dad and son turn up to Ashy Slashy’s only its not Ashy Slashy’s it is ‘Brock Williams Hardware’ – this is because Ghost Dad is showing Ash a memory. Oh boy, what a juicy memory it is too. Turns out that Brock was approached by a strange man who was after – Ashley Joanna Williams – and not only that but he has a bunch of pages from the Necronomicon and was also a Knight of Samaria. Instead of letting Ash know – Brock kicks and punches the stranger down the stairs to the basement, the stranger looked dead so Brock boarded it up and left because, well – business was shit anyway. Ash is not happy of course and gets pulled out of the memory so he can see just where the stranger is. Ash chainsaws up, as he says to his father – I’ve had some experience in cellars. The stranger locked in the basement is of course nowhere to be found until…he is found. Well his corpse is, surrounded by cans of Spam, some Necronomicon style scribbling on the wall and of course the missing pages. Within the wall Ash sees Brandy’s friend from school who got turned into a deadite – except she seemed trapped within the wall… Ash decides that it is time to take Ruby down once and for all.

About this time we visit and check in on Ruby – the book is beginning to bleed and Ruby is talking to Kaya, a woman from the book who is stuck in another dimension and is secretly working with Ruby behind the scenes to gain all the power, so that the prophesied one and the dark ones lose their power and Ruby will gain it all. Kaya warns Ruby the a Knight of Samaria has made contact with the prophesied one, creating a rift. Ruby is surprised that the Knights still exist and thanks to Kaya’s knowledge goes to the cabin to find the now deadited Dalton and to get some more information. Ruby tries her best to get the information from Dalton (from torture to holding the evil at bay, at least momentarily) to see where the rift is, Dalton keeps his mouth shut except letting Ruby know that the dagger is in the hands of those who know all about her. Ruby threatens to let the evil take over his body again and get the information that way but Dalton blows his head off before this can happen. So, Ruby doesn’t know where the rift not does she who has the Kandarian dagger.

Kelly and Brandy’s situation is getting bad as Pablo continually smashes into the caravan. Kelly’s bite mark is starting to really hurt and things get worse, as Kelly’s bite takes on the likeness of Pablo’s mouth…

ash vs evil dead image

Ash meanwhile shows up to Ruby’s house with the purpose of having a one on one fight to the finish, only Ruby is not home. Ash makes his way up to the attic and discovers a back packer chained up to a sink, as the evil spawn sleeps. After a typical Ash moment, the child wakes and shows his true self.

I thought the use of Ghost Dad was great and there was a lot of information spilled that will be the base of the future episodes.

Questions & Thoughts
I hope Ghost Dad sticks around for the rest of the season.
Does Kelly cut off her leg? Are we looking at a Cherry Darling situation?
Pablo is going to be un-deadited but how? They don’t have the book and the book is part of Pablo…
Is Kaya playing Ruby?
Is Ruby playing Kaya?
What is Norwegian for ‘up shits creek’?

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
Images: Starz

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