Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead – Baby Proof – S3, Ep5

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Ash Vs Evil Dead…

As this episode begins we are in the attic with the evil spawn, Ash and the Norweigan backpacker. Ash recognises the little one as a version of himself, except Necronomi-Ash has a flesh and bone chainsaw as part of his genetic make up. When you think AvED has run out of gross-out ideas, they’ll keep on surprising you. If you’ve ever wanted to see a small child crawl inside the body of a headless woman and pop its own head through the neck hole – then AvED is your dream factory.

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Kelly and Brandy are still trying to ward off deadite Pablo but things are not going well. Kelly’s leg injury has turned into a full on Pablo mouth and through some very creative effects, Kelly puts Pablo through his paces. Pablo however doesn’t go down easy and grabs Kelly before Brandy grabs the Kandarian dagger and stabs Pablo, sending Pablo to death. No wait, I mean a secret area that the evil cannot find where he meets his Brujo grandfather. His grandfather tells Pablo that he is to be the special Brujo, the that can help the Chosen One defeat the evil. Pablo comes back to the living plane, with his destiny foretold and a fresh zeal for kicking deadite ass. Kelly takes the dagger and vows that she will get Ruby.

Ash captures the errant evil toddler who is trapped inside the Norweigan backpacker and bundles her up and throws them into the Delta. He runs into Brandy who is talking to Ruby and a convieniently placed cop. Ruby has nearly convinced her to stay with her. Ash confronts Ruby and says he can prove she is evil, he opens the boot of the Delta to reveal,,, a bloodied toddler which of course is not a very good look. The cop grabs Ash and Ruby tells Brandy that this is why she needs to move away from Ash. Brandy rejects Ruby and frees Ash from the policeman’s grip and they jump in the Delta and floor it, speeding away.

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As AvED enters the second half of season 3, it has setup the season for each of the ghost beaters to show their skills. Will Pablo’s newly acquired Brujo title bring forth an end to Ruby or to the dark ones or both? Ash’s relationship with Brandy looks to be kicking off finally and I am looking forward this team doing some good things. Special shout out to Dana DeLorenzo who killed it this episode, nailing the emotional and the funny stuff.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter@TigersMS78
Images: Starz

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