Recap: Ash vs Evil Dead – Twist And Shout – S3, Ep7

ash vs evil dead season 3 poster

Ash Vs Evil Dead…

Brandy wants to go to the school dance to meet Ruby and find out if she is a demon once and for all, Ash and the possessed Kayla/Kelly devise a plan to be there if or more likely when it goes down to swoop in for the kill. Kayla hasn’t let go of that dagger since she got a hold of it. Back at Ruby’s house, well we are witness to birth – her boy has all grown up and yep its Ash or a least a rendition of him and they’ll be headed to the big dance too.

Pablo is consoling the last Knight left alive in Ashy Slashy’s basement come Rift Portal. When Kelly contacts Pablo through the rift and explains to Pablo that she is probably dead and that Ruby now has the dagger. Pablo races off to find Ash.

ash vs evil dead image

So Ash, Brandy and Kayla (in Kelly’ s body) go to the dance. Once inside Evil Ash starts causing havoc. This is the darkest episode of Ash Vs Evil Dead yet, not many jokes and the scenes of kids getting chainsawed to death at the school dance is really walking on that borderline and in fact was more in line with the Evil Dead than the Evil Dead 2. Its not a bad thing but it certainly was massive tonal shift in the series. Ruby convinces Brandy that Ash is in fact a demon and Brandy after seeing Evil Ash’s demon face and seeing him cut up the kids at the dance is inclined to believe her. As Evil Ash hides Real Ash takes out Ruby, with Ruby’s plan being that Brandy will kill Ash with the Kandarian Dagger. In the meantime Pablo finds Kayla/Kelly and knowing what he knows, Pablo battles Kayla but she gets the upper hand and Pablo escapes. Pablo ends up running into and fighting Evil Ash just as Brandy is facing off vs the Real Ash. As Brandy realises she can’t kill her father, Real Ash then blows Evil Ash’s head right off. Ruby enraged rises from the floor and throws the dagger at Ash only for Brandy to shield Ash from it. As Ash mourns over the dead Brandy, we see Brandy wake up in the Dead Lands…

ash vs evil dead image

Well that was a dark episode. Very bloody and kind of a downer. However, it sets up a trip to the Dead Lands to save both Brandy and Kelly.
Will Pablo’s skills work in the Dead Lands?
How will they get both Kelly and Brandy out of the Dead Lands?
What will Ruby’s plan be now?
Can we please get back to the wacky and gross OTT gore?
Three episodes to go and there is still a lot to happen.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
Images: Starz

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