Film Review: Trench 11

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@TigersMS78 reviews…

Director: Leo Scherman
Writers: Matt Booi, Leo Scherman
Stars: Karine Vanasse, Rossif Sutherland, Shaun Benson, Adam Hurtig, Robert Stadlober


Trench 11 plays on the horrors of war, claustrophobia and body horror and mixes it all together with great success – Trench 11 is a very good film.

WWI is reaching its end and that can’t come soon enough for Canadian tunneller Berton (Sutherland). However, he needs to complete one more mission and the Allies need his expertise to get a team of British and American soldiers inside a secret underground German base. The Germans have been experimenting and the Allies need to find out just what it is going on. The soldiers find themselves 100 feet underground with something that they have never seen before and a team of German troopers on their tail.

Trench 11 Image

The film sets the mood very quickly and builds on that until the atmosphere is thick with tension and every blind corner in the tunnels can bring untold horrors. The dark areas are used expertly with only the very yellow spots of light provided by the torches the soldiers carry, Scherman uses the spots of light to either directly point the audience to a threat or to a misdirect both work perfectly in the setting and keeps the tension high. The claustrophobia sets in early as well, no natural light and sweaty soldiers moving around an increasingly hostile close quarters environment further enhances the tension, really putting you squarely in a place that you don’t want to be.

Trench 11 Image

Not only does Trench 11 get the atmosphere right but it also excels with some gross body horror moments. Noses bitten off, body parasites and even autopsies all look suitably disgusting, the effects team did a wonderful job creating some of the effects of the on screen mayhem.

Trench 11 Image

The other thing that makes this film standout is the performances. Sutherland is great but in all honesty the entire cast is damn near perfect, every interaction positive or negative seems genuine and is a feat in itself.

Trench 11 makes all the right moves and belongs in the upper echelon of war horror films.

Trench 11 Opens Across Canada – August 31 & on VOD September 4

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
Images: GAT

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