Our Top Five Fright Flicks At Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

brooklyn horror film festival poster

Brooklyn Horror Film Festival…

With the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival back again in 2018, we’ve had a look at the films playing and have come up with our five must see films. The BHFF runs from October 11-18, 2018.

Inner Ghosts image

Inner Ghosts
To call Dr. Helen’s research “revolutionary” would be one hell of an understatement. Hoping to find a cure for brain diseases, Helen has developed a theory that such ailments can be treated by testing on ghosts, all of whom, of course, don’t need brain functions in order to act. As Helen sees it, if she can tap into how ghosts do that, she can figure out a way to get brain disease patients to communicate through their souls. Lofty, indeed. But after Helen’s young daughter dies suddenly, she puts her research on hold, refusing to connect to the afterlife anymore. Before long, a stranger’s request sends Helen back to the spirit world; as it turns out, though, something evil has been waiting there for her.

We say: It’s been said before and it will be said again – Don’t mess with the spirit world!

Welcome to mercy image

Welcome To Mercy
After returning to her family’s native Latvia to mourn her father’s death, American single mother Madaline begins suffering from inexplicable visions and physical scars, all of which point to the gift—or curse, rather—the Holy Stigmata. To seek help, Madaline travels to an island convent and ingratiates herself within the sisterhood of nuns. But much to her detriment, Madaline’s new acquaintances pray to something far more sinister than the Holy Spirit, leading her to realize that those newfound afflictions come from anywhere but Heaven.

We say: Sold on this because of these two words: Evil. Nuns.

house of sweat and tears image

House Of Sweat And Tears
An older woman known only as “She” leads a religious cult using violent methods of control and forcing painful punishments unto her followers in order to prove their devotion. When a mysterious man arrives claiming to be the messiah, the followers are offered another way of life beyond the path of pain. A deadly struggle for power ensues as all hell breaks loose.

We say: Cults offer some pretty ripe ground for horrific happenings (real life and fictional) and it looks like in the House Of Sweat And Tears things will go from bad to worse quickly. We will definitely drink the flavor-aid for this film.

Boo image

Married with two kids, James and Elyse are struggling to keep it together. Along with the couple’s own rifts, their daughter, Morgan, is hiding her own suicidal thoughts, while younger son Caleb channels his suppressed emotions through troublingly macabre artwork. One night, their true test arrives: a strange Halloween game left on their doorstep that, legend has it, leaves a curse on those who choose not to play. Unfortunately, that’s the choice this family makes—and evil spirits of all kinds are ready to make them pay.

We say: With so much going on in BOO! and the curse of refusing to play a game, this film has so much potential to bring the scares inside of the failing family unit.

family image

In their dilapidated living room, Lily positions herself between her motionless family members on the sofa as her camera snaps a picture. Arriving at her therapist’s home at night, she is disappointed to find that the only person home is her cold and insensitive daughter yet has no choice but to confide in her, instead. Lily is desperate to explain why she killed her family.

We say: This one has piqued our interest. A new way of looking at family killings and the why’s are almost always more frightening than the act itself.

Images: Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

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