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Cine Excess Cult Film Conference and Festival…

With the annual Cine Excess Cult Film Conference and Festival due to open in Birmingham on Thursday, it has been announced that Victoria Price will present two special screenings of films starring her father, Vincent Price – House Of The Long Shadows (1993) on Friday 9th Nov, 7pm at BCU with director Pete Walker also present, and Theatre of Blood (1973) on Saturday 10th Nov, 7pm at Mockingbird Cinema.

Other screenings include the UK premieres of Xavier Mendik’s documentary That’s La Morte: Italian Cult Cinema and The Years of Lead (Italy, 2018) and Sky Wang’s Lost In Apocalypse (China, 2018).

The line-up of films are:

Thursday 8th November 2018
Room GO1, Birmingham City University, Margaret Street Campus

Eyes + Prize Poster

Eyes + Prize (Oliver Cane, UK, 2018) – With introduction from director Oliver Cane
Thursday 8th November: 4pm-5.30pm

Oliver Cane’s tense thriller acts as a critique of society’s obsession with the cult of instant celebrity. In this atmospheric dark comedy, four strangers believe they have been recruited into a new reality show, before a more unsettling narrative emerges that reveals the dangers of accepting perceived authority.

Cert 18 (TBC)

that's la morte image

That’s La Morte: Italian Cult Cinema and the Years of Lead (Xavier Mendik, UK/Italy, 2018) – UK Theatrical Premiere – Thursday 8th November: 7pm-8.20pm

Cult film icons and performers join leading directors, screenwriters and composers in this new 80 minute documentary exploring the social contexts behind 1970s Italian pulp cinema. Focussing on the influential giallo/thriller, cop drama and sex comedy cycles, That’s La Morte considers how these Italian cult formats reflected wider terrorist fears of the decade.

Cert 18 (TBC)

Lost in apocalypse image

Lost in Apocalypse (Sky Wang, China, 2018) – UK Theatrical Premiere
Thursday 8th November: 8.30pm-10pm

Sky Wang’s film uses action cinema and zombie film mythologies to profile a new generation of Asian cult performers in this Cine-Excess XII film premiere. Lost in Apocalypse functions as a character-led ensemble piece that sees a group of unrelated survivors attempting to battle their own inner demons and the undead as they seek to escape from an infected urban hotel. In its story and characterisations, Wang’s film provides a fresh take on contemporary zombie cinema.
Cert 18 (TBC)

Friday 9th November 2018

Room GO1, Birmingham City University, Margaret Street Campus

House of long shadows poster

House of the Long Shadows (Pete Walker, UK, 1983) – With introduction from director Pete Walker and author Victoria Price
Friday 9th November: 7pm -8.30pm

An ambitious young writer who accepts a wager to write a novel in 24 hours in an isolated country manor gets more than he bargained for when he encounters a collection of mysterious characters with lethal intentions. Featuring stellar performances from Vincent Price alongside other horror legends such as Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and John Carradine, House of the Long Shadowsalso remains a key entry to the cult catalogue of UK horror director Pete Walker.
Cert 18

Reborn poster

Reborn (Julian Richards, USA, 2018)
Friday 9th November: 9pm – 10.30pm

Cine-Excess is proud to host an exclusive screening of Julian Richards’ new supernatural thriller. In Reborn, a stillborn baby girl is brought back to life by electrokinetic power before being abducted from the hospital and raised as a captive. On her sixteenth birthday she escapes and sets out to find her birth mother leaving a trail of destruction behind her. Featuring a compelling performance from genre icon Barbara Crampton alongside set-piece death scenes reminiscent of Carrie and The Omen, this unsettling new film reinstates the theme of supernatural teens into the contemporary horror landscape.
Cert 18 (TBC)

Saturday 10th November 2018 Room GO1, Birmingham City University, Margaret Street Campus

the cleaning lady poster

The Cleaning Lady (Jon Knautz, USA 2018)
Saturday 10th November: 12pm -1.30pm

Proving the power of cult creativity behind make-up and masks, actress Rachel Alig delivers a compelling performance as the heavily scarred antagonist in Jon Knautz’s new film. In The Cleaning Lady, a beautiful but lonely women finds companionship with her cleaning lady whose face has been tragically disfigured. As the relationship develops she discovers her employee has a dark past and is hiding a sinister agenda…
Cert 18 (TBC)

The Mockingbird Cinema

Theatre of blood image

Theatre of Blood (Douglas Hickox, UK, 1973) – Introduced by Author Victoria Price
Saturday 10th November: 8pm – 9.30pm
The Mockingbird Cinema and Cine-Excess are proud to present a special screening of this Vincent Price cult classic. Having been viciously spurned by a circle of theatrical critics, a vengeful Shakespearian actor begins to enact his own revenge in the manner of the classic plays in which he appeared. Featuring a towering performance from Vincent Price alongside other celebrated names such as Diana Rigg and Ian Hendry, Theatre of Blood remains a crowning achievement in the actor’s long career.
Cert 18

the eve poster

The Eve (Luca Machnich, Italy, 2015)
Saturday 10th November: 9.40pm-10pm
In this inventive and atmospheric short film, a teenage boy seeks the help of Santa Claus to resolve family tensions, leading to a series of unsettling Christmas wishing being granted.
Cert 18 (TBC)

Framed poster

Framed (Marc Martinez Jordan, Spain, 2018)
Saturday 10th November: 10pm-11.30pm
Adding a social media spin to the arena of cult performance is Marc Martinez Jordan’s new film Framed. In this satire about social networking, a group of friends celebrating a farewell party are attacked by three home invaders who subject them to a twisted game of life and death while streaming their ordeal on the internet to achieve celebrity status. Featuring some scenes of extreme violence, this is a daring new take on the perils of the social media age.
Warning – contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing
Cert 18 (TBC)

The full list of public film screenings can be found here:
Images: PaulWSmithPR

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