Movie Review: I Trapped The Devil

I trapped the devil poster

I Trapped The Devil…

Director: Josh Lobo
Writer: Josh Lobo
Stars: AJ Bowen, Scott Poythress, Susan Burke


Visiting family at Christmas is always fraught with worry but what if you had to deal with normal family issues plus a family member that has a terrible secret?
When Matt (Bowen) and his wife Karen (Burke) turn up unexpectedly at Christmas at Matt’s brother Steve’s (Poythress) house, they quickly get the feeling that something is not right. Steve is acting strange, well stranger than usual and he wants them to leave even before they’ve hardly set foot inside the house. Matt and Karen are correct in thinking that something isn’t right… Steve has a man locked in the basement but not just a man but the actual devil. Is Steve sick? Has he flipped? Or maybe is Steve correct and the devil is currently in the basement…

I trapped the devil image

That question is really the basis of the film, it hangs on this question and squeezes all the juice out of it. Good films have a simple premise and make the most of it and I Trapped The Devil sits squarely in this area. It’s a great example of writing a one location script (a house + various rooms in that house) and being able to make it on a minimal budget. Josh Lobo, who pulled triple duty as director, writer and editor on this film really knows how to make this happen and realises where the tension in the story lays.

I trapped the devil image

The family aspect is used to good effect, (Bowen, Poythress and Burke all excelling with this) with Steve convincing Matt that maybe he is right, whilst Karen plays the 99.9% of people which would quite rightly want to call the police or let the trapped man out. With both Matt and Karen’s differing thoughts, it immediately puts them under suspicion and it raises more questions –

Did Matt know about this before?
Is Karen involved in someway?
Are they both innocent parties?

Lobo has created a cool little film here, with plenty of tension and a cool premise. It is horror-lite and lacks in scares but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if you were expecting a jump scare fest then you’ll be disappointed. However, if you want a well written, acted and directed slow burn film that asks you questions and leaves even more unanswered then this will be your jam. I Trapped The Devil is worth your time.

I Trapped The Devil Is in select cinemas and On-Demand now.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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