Horror Luminaries Salute Larry Cohen With L.A. Script Reading

Blood Read Live Image

The Man Who Loved Hitchcock…

On Friday, May 10, 2019, Black Vortex Cinema will present Blood Read Live: The Man Who Loved Hitchcock by Larry Cohen at the Elks Club in Van Nuys, CA.

In the first of a planned series of script reads of legendary unproduced screenplays, Blood Read Live will showcase a reading of late indie film rebel Larry Cohen’s screenplay, The Man Who Loved Hitchcock, featuring filmmaker Tom Holland (Child’s Play, Fright Night) as Alfred Hitchcock and composer Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th 1-9, House) as Psycho composer Bernard Herrmann.

Rounding out the cast is Adam Green (the Hatchet franchise, Holliston), Sarah Nicklin (Nun of That, The Haunting of Alice D), Kevin Tenney (Night of the Demons, Witchboard), Chris Gore (Film Threat, Attack of the Show), Penelope Sudrow (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3), Jesse Merlin (Re-Animator The Musical, All The Creatures Were Stirring), Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6, Blood Feast), Jared Rivet (Jackals, Dead Right Horror Trivia), Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red, Tales of Halloween), Mike Gaglio (Slay Belles), and Jack Ulrich (Throwdown). The event is being produced and directed by Christian Ackerman (My Favorite Horror Movie, Bethany) and produced by Jack Ulrich.

Free tickets are available at https://www.blackvortexcinema.com/

The Man Who Loved Hitchcock is a comedic, murder-mystery about a man who steals the private murder scene notes of Alfred Hitchcock to inspire a killing spree. Teaming with a young renegade filmmaker, an aspiring actress, and his ex-friend & collaborator Bernard Herrmann, Hitch must stop the murderer before he kills them all!

About the screenwriter:
Larry Cohen began his career 50 years ago in television, eventually breaking into the independent film scene in 1972 with Bone, starring Yaphet Kotto. A trailblazer in the blaxploitation scene, he wrote and directed Black Caesar and its follow up, Hell Up In Harlem, both starring Fred Williamson. Next, he began a career in horror thrillers, starting with It’s Alive and continuing with God Told Me To, Q: The Winged Serpent, The Stuff, Maniac Cop, Uncle Sam, Phone Booth, Cellular and Captivity. His massive body of work always blended a signature style of dread, social commentary, wicked humor, and a truly rebellious, independent spirit.

May 10, 2019 – Doors 7:00/Pre-Show 8:00/Show 8:30
Van Nuys Elks Lodge 14440 Friar St. Van Nuys, CA 91401
Full Cash Only Bar
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BloodReadLive/

Image: Black Vortex Cinema

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