Tales Of Terror Is After You… [-NEWS-]

Tales Of Terror…

Check out the details for the Tales of Terror go fund me.

From the Press Release

Australia’s ultimate scream queen has launched a campaign to bring her terrifying short horror stories to life.

Author, Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons, has decided to make a switch from the written word to the silver screen. Or at least the streaming screen.

Calling the series a perfect combination of Masters of Horror meets Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Tales of Terror is set to thrill and delight audiences.

The episode guide features some of her most popular stories, which can be located on her website www.rhiannonirons.com.

The Clown Statue
Bloody Mary
The Hook
The Hitchhiker
Skinned Tom
The Secret Story
A Good Samaritan?
The Halloween Party

If successful, Rhiannon and her creative team have a season 2 planned.

In order to bring this series to life, Rhiannon is looking to the public with a crowdfunding campaign featured on GoFundMe. She is looking to raise $1500 to get the show started. Any funds raised above that will also go into the production. Donations over $100 will result in the donor’s name being listed in the end credits of each episode as a special thank you.

Those located in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, also have the opportunity to appear as actors or extras.

Her short horror stories have captivated a world-wide audience. Now it’s time for her vision to be brought to life. Support independent filmmakers and donate today https://www.gofundme.com/f/tales-of-terror-the-series

Image: Rhiannon Irons

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