Film Review: Nothing But The Blood (2020)

  • Director: Daniel Tucker
  • Writer: Daniel Tucker
  • Stars: Rachel Hudson, Jordan O’Neal, Nick Triola, Les Best


Jessica (Hudson) is a journalist working for a local paper in a rural Texas town, who is sent to cover a new ‘home’ church opening up in the area. As the new church begins to spin its web throughout the town and over time Jessica’s life becomes irrevocably changed.

Nothing But The Blood wears its feelings for religion on its sleeve and it is not a fond one. From the opening dialogue, the film skewers religious indoctrination, the hypocrisy of those that follow some but not all of the rules that are laid out in the bible or at least interpreted and twisted to suit whatever they want it to. Writer/Director Daniel Tucker throws this attitude into every interaction. As the film moves along its timeline (and it does cover a long amount of time) the feeling that something bad is just around the corner is palpable. That feeling of dread really churns throughout the film, the sense that one, some or all of the people involved are being dragged toward the (metaphorical) meat grinder.

The main players specifically Hudson as Jessica and O’Neal as Thomas, do a good job given the film rides on these two. They have good chemistry and a very natural way about them both which helps imbue the film with a realistic feel. The other characters are acted well too, even if a couple of them are a touch one dimensional but that isn’t a big problem as they do serve the story.

Nothing But The Blood is about as micro budget as you can get (yet the effects are very well done and don’t look it), Tucker manages to make it all work with a compelling, intelligent story (including a vicious climax) with a willingness to give his film a real position on a topic that most would avoid.

Nothing But The Blood is available on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD on August 4 (USA).

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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