Jordan Graham’s Demonic Chiller SATOR Acquired, Set for North American Winter Release

Check out the details for the Sator acquisition. This film was a pretty haunting experience and should be on the radar for every horror fan.

From the Press Release

Jordan Graham’s haunting feature SATOR has been acquired by 1091 Pictures for North American release. The film, hailed as “strikingly atmospheric” by Variety, premiered at the 2019 Fantasia International Film Festival and went on to have celebrated screenings at Telluride Horror Show and the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival before being brought to the Marche Du Film Online by arthouse genre film sales outfit Yellow Veil Pictures.

Nearly a one-person operation, Jordan Graham is the director, writer, editor and producer of SATOR, in addition to lensing and scoring the feature. “Sator is quite personal to me. It delves into my family’s dark history with mental illness surrounding a supernatural entity, and uses home video footage to create an interwoven piece between documentary and fiction,” says Graham. “After working on this project for seven years, I am so grateful that 1091 has picked up the film, allowing it to finally find an audience.”

A demon known as Sator observes an intimate family secluded in the woods. Graham’s own grandmother, June Peterson, now passed, recounts her real personal history with the mysterious entity on-screen alongside newcomers Michael Daniel, Aurora Lowe, Gabriel Nicholson and Rachel Johnson. 

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