The Fourth Wall premiering at Fantasia 2020 from August 20 – September 2

Check out the details and trailer for The Fourth Wall, premiering at Fantasia 2020.

From the Press Release

The Fourth Wall stars familiar faces Lizzie Brocheré (American Horror Story: Asylum, 2011), Roby Schinasi (Gossip Girl, 2007), and Jean-Marc Barr (Le Grand Bleu, 1988 and Nymphomaniac: Vol. II 2013) and welcomes new faces, Victoria Lacoste (Asking For A Friend, 2019) and Jacqueline Bell (Asking For A Friend, 2019) 

Synopsis: Chloé is a serious actress who’s spent her life on the stages of Paris. The result? She has been chipped down into a product of the scrutiny and unfair politics that infest the entertainment industry. Doomed to star in one last performance of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ Chloé fights for her moment in the spotlight amongst the self-serving newcomers she is forced to share the stage with. How far will she go to be the star of the show?

Cited as one of the most anticipated films of Fantasia (Dread Central, Horror Buzz),The Fourth Wall is the second film of Bollig’s to be produced by Edelweiss Productions. Musically-driven, The Fourth Wall is a kaleidoscopic mind trip that takes you down the decaying rabbit hole, hand-in-hand with Brocheré’s character. 

The Fourth Wall is deeply immersive, packing a saturated punch that consists solely of 6 predatorial long takes that build up to a shocking culmination. Given the shot structure, making The Fourth Wall took more time to rehearse than to actually shoot; in a way embodying a throwback to the days of film, while simultaneously offering something fresh for today’s digital culture.

Check out the trailer here:

The Fourth Wall will be premiering at Fantasia 2020 from August 20 – September 2. Canadian Residents will be able to purchase tickets here:

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