Stunning New Trailer + Poster For Undergods || World Premiere August 30 @ Fantasia 2020

An otherworldly journey through a Europe in decline, Chino Moya’s debut UNDERGODS is a collection of darkly humorous fantasy tales about a series of men whose worlds fall apart through a visit from an unexpected stranger.

Set to an original, synth score featuring ‘80s electronica, UNDERGODS journeys through disparate eras and realities fusing failed 20th Century utopias and 21st Century Ikea nightmares.  An unsettlingly entertaining, singular visual feast, UNDERGODS features a stand out, pan European cast that includes Kate Dickie (THE WITCH), Ned Dennehy (MANDY), Geza Rohrig (SON OF SAUL), Adrian Rawlins (CHERNOBYL), and an especially crazed Jan Bijvoet (BORGMAN).

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