New Production Company Ditto Films Launches With LGBTQ+ Horror

Check out the details for Lair.

From the Press Release

Shelley Atkin, ex-VP of EMEA Theatrical Distribution Finance 20th Century Fox, has produced her first feature film under her new company’s banner DITTO FILMS LTD:  theUK based LGBTQ+ socially infused horror movie, LAIR.

Written and directed by Adam Ethan Crow (Warhol, The Conversation), LAIR was shot on location in the UK with a predominately female cast. The film has just completed post-production. Working alongside Atkin is Supervising Executive Producer Scott Mednick (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 300, Where The Wild Things Are).

“After sixteen years working in the studio system, I’m excited about the opportunity to tell diverse and exciting stories at a budget level that will allow filmmakers to thrive, and that won’t feel intimidating to new voices – on which I plan to focus.” says Atkin.

LAIR tells the story of an emotionally fractured LGBTQ+ family forced to face their demons, metaphorically and literally, as they unwittingly become embroiled in one man’s attempt to prove the supernatural exists in order to overturn a friend’s murder conviction.

“What drew me to the story was Adam’s dark humour, and his highly original take on the horror genre. The fact the story’s female led, and the family are really relatable – and just happen to be LGBTQ+ as opposed to their sexual orientation being a plot point – made the story much more poignant, ” says Atkin.

Corey Johnson, Jen Brister and Oded Fehr star alongside newcomers Anya Newell (pictured), Aislinn De’ath, Alana Wallace, Kashif O’Connor and Lara Mount. 

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