Forgiveness Trailer + Poster

Check out the poster and trailer for Forgiveness.

Genre specialist sales outfit Black Mandala has acquired the psychological horror movie, “FORGIVENESS”.

Reality is a prison in this surreal, violent and revenge-laden horror thriller directed by Alex Kahuam. A complex network that little by little, with “Carrie” style powers included, will reveal a world in which abuse and discrimination against women are closely linked.

In late 2019 Alex Kahuam also wrote and directed RED LIGHT, a proof of concept starring horror icons Ted Raimi (“Ash vs. Evil Dead,” “Deadwax”) and Brian Krause (“Charmed,” “Cypher”). On August 31st, 2020 “RED LIGHT” got selected at the prestigious SITGES film festival #53 in the main competition “Official Fantastic In-Competition”.

Three women mysteriously wake up in a hospital and discover that one of them is deaf, one is mute and the other one is blind; each one of them will have to figure out why they are there and how to get out.

Cast: Alejandra Toussaint, Laura de Ita, Alberto Trujillo, Santiago Ortiz-Monasterio, Alejandra Zaid, Diana Quijano, Horacio Castelo, Saúl Mercado, Jessica Ortiz, Andres De La Mora, Tasha Carrera, Santiago Mejia, Diego Garza.

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