Review: Wrong Turn (2021)

  • Director: Mike P. Nelson
  • Writer: Alan McElroy
  • Stars:  Charlotte Vega, Adain Bradley, Bill Sage, Matthew Modine, Bill Sage, Emma Dumont, Dylan McTee, Vardaan Arora, Adrian Favela


This ain’t your Dad’s Wrong Turn. This remake/redo or whatever it maybe sure starts off familiar but by the middle of the film, it has detoured into some very different areas.

Starting off with Scott (Modine) searching for his daughter Jen in the last place she had called him from. It has been six weeks since he last heard anything, he goes about searching the town and questioning the residents. The film then travels back six weeks in the past and we meet our meat that’s about to go into the grinder. Jen (Vega) and her boyfriend Darius (Bradley) and their four other friends stop by in the town and want to go walking through the Appalachian mountain trails. They are of course warned to stay on the trails only… and of course they don’t and a terrible accident ensues. From here you think you know what will happen but the film takes an abrupt turn and you’ll either love or hate where you land.

The film is at its best when our mountain hikers are in trouble, excellent tension and feelings of unease (despite some character actions or inaction but more on that later). What is a Wrong Turn film without the gore? This film shows the gruesome results of violence/injury as opposed to it being graphic and in your face. Squashed heads and frenzied stabbings are just the peak of the gore iceberg.

Where the film lags or lacks for me is that the characters wildly change their demeanour and personality very quickly. The dead are mourned quickly and then its onto the next part of the film. The actions by some characters are questionable and there are some leaps of logic. However, it’s not the first horror film to have these issues, so it isn’t exactly a war crime. Vega and Modine fair the best here. Modine has a kind nature, that barely covers the relentless anxiety he feels for his missing daughter whilst Vega has the meatiest role and her performance is very good.

The ending is a bit out there but it does solidify the film as a survival horror but with a plot you wouldn’t think would fit into the sub genre. You’ll either be all in or out for Wrong Turn but you should check it out to see where you fall on it.

Wrong Turn is available On-Demand, Digital & DVD February 23, 2021

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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