New Teaser Trailer For Spine Of The Night

Check out the teaser trailer for Spine Of The Night. SXSW premiere Thursday, March 18 at 8:00pm CST.

Written and Directed by Philip Gelatt, Morgan Galen King. Starring Richard E. Grant, Lucy Lawless, Patton Oswalt, Betty Gabriel and Joe Manganiello, Abby Savage, Larry Fessenden and Rob McClure.

Synopsis: The Spine of Night is an ultra-violent fantasy thatfollows a group of heroes from different erasand cultures who band together in order to savehumanity from a sinister dark magic. This hand-rotoscoped epic starring Lucy Lawless (Ash vs.Evil Dead, Xena: Warrior Princess), Richard E.Grant (Star Wars: Episode IX, Bram Stoker’sDracula), Joe Manganiello (Justice League, Spider-Man), and Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille, Parks andRecreation) is inspired by the cult classic worksof artists like Ralph Bakshi and Frank Franzetta,and the fantasy genre as it was in the 1970s:boundary-pushing, politically progressive, and utterly fearless.

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