Review: Dementia Part II (2021)

  • Director: Matt Mercer & Mike Testin
  • Writer: Matt Mercer & Mike Testin
  • Stars: Matt Mercer, Graham Skipper, Najarra Townsend, Suzanne Voss


Things aren’t going great for Wendell (Mercer), just out of jail with a pain the ass parole officer (Skipper) says that he needs a job otherwise the law will be coming down on him. Wendell manages to get some home maintenance work for a senior, Suzanne. As Suzanne gets him to do increasingly weird things (for increasingly more money), Wendell is unwittingly thrown in to a nightmare…

The decision to shoot the film in black and white (whether it be financial or artistic) is a good one. The black and white lends itself to the story and because of the gooey shit that happens early and often it is actually a god send because… yuck.

Mercer plays Wendell with a good mix of puzzled and repulsed. Whilst Voss seems to have a lot of fun, being able to have free rein as the doty and possibly undead Suzanne. She seamlessly switches from an elderly lady who likes to remember her husband to a gory, blood vomiting threat without missing a beat. Townsend’s Shelia shows up and makes a strange situation even weirder and Townsend plays with the mystery of her character and it works really well.

Mercer and Testin have made a gooey, funny and really enjoyable film that is short and sharp. The music by David Labovitch is great too. Everything about this is film is well done and if you’re looking for a wild and crazy slice of independent film then look no further.

Dementia Part II is available now In Cinemas & On Demand, Digital and DVD June 1, 2021.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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