Fantasia Film Festival 2021 Review: Kratt

  • Director: Rasmus Merivoo
  • Writer: Rasmus Merivoo
  • Stars: Mari Lill, Nora Merivoo, Harri Merivoo


Kids and their phones, right? Actually phones and people in general. They are a way to connect and simultaneously disconnect. Playing at Fantasia International Film Festival, Kratt is about Mia & Kevin end up at their Grandmas house due to their parents taking a vacation (which is probably a cult). The parents want the kids to have less phone time and have an experience that was theirs in childhood, no phones and just enjoying playing until outside until it gets dark. However the kids find out there is a lot of work to do around Grandma’s property and as we all know – working is for chumps. The kids discover instructions on how to make a Kratt, a Kratt is a creature that you can make and that will do work for you. There are two flies in that ointment though. One – that you need a soul to give to the devil and two is that you always have to have work to do for the Kratt, when it runs out of work to do, it becomes dangerous & deadly…

Kratt is a very funny film and Merivoo proves his writing skill and his prowess behind the camera. The writing makes equal fun of nature lovers, corrupt government, digital natives and a big range of social issues. Then there are the visual gags, I won’t spoil them but one involving sauerkraut and a box of matches is amazing but in truth all of them are fantastic and well timed. The music by Tauno Aints is a mixed bag, all the music is good but it doesn’t quite seem to hit the right notes at times with the tone being too serious for the film.

Lill as Grandma is so good, such a great performance, bringing kindness and all the things you expect from what would be your ideal Grandma. The kids Mia and Kevin played by Nora and Harri Merivoo are great as well, employing the bratty yet lovable style.

An Estonian folk creature feature that is a bunch of fun and that perhaps hangs around for maybe a bit too long but regardless it is certainly a good time.

Played at Fantasia International Film Festival

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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