Five Of The Best At Nightstream

Nightstream is back for it’s second edition! We’ve taken a look at the line up and have picked out our five must sees of the festival. Nightstream runs from October 7-13.

Cosmic Dawn

A young woman  must choose how far into a bizarre UFO cult she’s willing to go in order to solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance.

Bizarre cults, UFOs and a missing family member? Sign us up.

Mother Schmuckers

A pair of dim-witted brothers have 24 hours to rescue their mother’s lost dog in this extreme gross-out comedy.

A gross out comedy from Belgium? Pass us a ticket and a sick bag.

Name Above Title

Accidental stardom strikes a serial killer when bystanders witness him kiss a dying woman on the street and interpret the scene as the ultimate act of kindness.

A dark premise and the urge to find the good in the everything, the opposite of social media???

We’re All Going To The Worlds Fair

Escaping into an elaborate online game, a shy teenager begins to lose her grip on reality in this uniquely empathetic and unsettling genre hybrid. 

A new online challenge is launched every week it seems, this looks like it will be taking a deeper look at this topic.

Alison’s Birthday

During a Ouija board session with her teenaged friends, 16-year-old Alison (Joanne Samuel, previously seen as Mel Gibson’s wife in Mad Max) gets a message from beyond the grave not to go home for her 19th birthday. Fast forward three years later, Alison is summoned to birthday celebrations with her aunt and uncle in Sydney, and visits them with her boyfriend – who becomes increasingly suspicious of the over-protective circle surrounding Alison. Before long Alison finds herself at the centre of an ancient supernatural drama of which her own family are the cursed custodians.

Australian. Folk. Horror. Yes. And. Please!

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