Haddonfield Horror’s Best of 2021

Well, it’s that time of year and after another dumpster fire, virus filled year of terrible social and political things happening it was nice to see some very excellent horror films throughout the year. Our best of list contains subversive horror adjacent fare, wild detours from known directors, reclaimed lost films and the most socially relevant and gory film of 2021.

Lisa’s Best Of 2021

  1. Titane – Madness from Julia Ducournau. A deeply feminist film in the most bizarre way. It certainly isn’t for everyone but I love it.
  2. The Sadness – Social commentary is on point in this virus zombie film. The gore and depravity is one level not seen in a while but if you’re game, it’s fun!
  3. The Nighthouse- A unique love story and some great jump scares.
  4. Malignant – James Wan threw us a curveball with this movie and it’s a real gem of banana pants craziness.
  5. Lamb/Hellbender – Lamb could have come on a bit stronger, but the languid pace and natural beauty of the landscape do lull you into the same feeling of peace that the characters feel and that only makes the ending that much more bleak/No words are wasted, no glances are meaningless and nothing is filler. Hellbender is the real deal in independent cinema.

Ryan’s Best of 2021

  1. The Amusement Park – It’s a low-fi, genuinely unsettling film, that clearly isn’t Romero’s best but really cements what he was about. A man who has a social conscience and has no fear in letting that be known. We do miss you George.
  2. The Sadness – The most vile and socially relevant film of 2021. A depraved masterpiece.
  3. Jakob’s Wife – A film that plays with marriage power paradigms and features two horror icons at peak performance!
  4. Psycho Goreman – Psycho Goreman gives you what it promises – gore and a smile on your face.
  5. Malignant – Crazy, 90s style horror from Wan. With one of the best reveals all year!

Honourable Mention – The Last Matinee

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